We wish I could adequately explain the frustration we feel at the lack of unbiased concise information available to expectant parents. The fundamental bio mechanics of labour are not complex, but appear to be missed or barely touched upon. We almost fell upon them during a paid workshop on the birthing technique we thought best for us. It was such a revelation to us, we felt cheated. When we had the basic principles of labour explained and then the “standard” procedures used in hospitals explained, we realised that the two of them don’t appear to correlate. This then led us on the journey we hope to share with anyone willing.

As we ventured upon this journey we realised that every birth is as different as the individuals involved and that there is no one size fits all. That you have to find the technique and plan that suits your needs and expectations, and those of your baby. Our hope is that we can impart some of our gained knowledge to others and hopefully plant a similar “Small Acorn” in others, as was planted in us many years ago.

J & B

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